Monday, 29 August 2011

Sticking with the China theme and the way it's used Kenny's speech to support their persecution of the Church, now we're seeing the ghastly circle move homeward as more stupid Irish people point to the Chinese Patriotic Church as the way forward.  Letter in today's Irish Times reminds us of the words of Bishop Willie Walsh of Killaloe on his tour of China, and quoted by the then Beijing correspondent, Conor O’Clery (October 30th, 1998): “Sometimes it can be just as heroic to live with an ambivalence as it can be to make sacrifices to pursue a very definite and distinct line.”

I don't know if the quote is genuine, but if it is, well, another reason to be glad that bishops retire at 75!

Couple of links of interest

Dermot Keogh has an article in the Irish Times today about the significance of the Kenny speech and the impact on diplomatic relations with the Holy See.

Also a good article here on the seal of the confession.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Welcome to my site - there's only so much you can take before you have to scream! And Tom Barry, TD, is it!

I've been reading other people's blogs for a long time, sometimes commenting but never committing to one of my own.  I amost started one a few weeks ago when Enda Kenny made his disgraceful speech attacking the Vatican for the failings of the Bishop of Cloyne, but time passed and I didn't.

Then today I read an item in the paper about Deputy Tom Barry calling for Catholics not to pay compensation to victims - "the Church should pay - the Vatican should sell its treasures".  I had had enough.  I put finger to keyboard and emailed the Deputy to tell him what I thought of him.  I thought I would be ignored or get a standard polite acknowledgement.  I didn't - so I thought I might publish the correspondence to show the type of Deputies we now have in the Dail.

First my own email (which I admit wasn't gentle):

I've just read this news item on the BBC says:

"We should not be made pay for the wrongs that were committed, the Church itself should pay out" he said.

The TD (member of Irish Parliament), a Catholic who lives in the Diocese of Cloyne, said the Catholic Church could easily pay the bill itself by selling off Vatican treasures.

"As a father of young children I find this very difficult to accept, the church needs to show that it is sincere in its apology and the Church should be about religion not property if it takes the Vatican to start selling off items, so be it" he said.

Are you really as stupid as you sound?  Have you been reading Enda Kenny's speeches?  Perhaps, like him, you'd be happier living in Communist China.

Forty years after the Second Vatican Council we have people like you calling themselves Catholics and then talking about "the Church" as if they were not part of it.  Why on earth would the Vatican sell off anything to pay compensation when it is not responsible? 

Have you actually bothered to read the Cloyne Report?  What did Enda Kenny do during his three decades as a TD to introduce legislation to bring in mandatory reporting?

We never dreamt before the last election that we could have leaders worse than Bertie Ahern and Brian Cowen - how wrong we were.

Brendan Doyle.

And his response:

Dear Brendan

Having read your interesting communication, I really feel that it is indeed yourself who must be living in the wilderness.
I wouldn't even cast aspersions like you did on Communist China.  You asked a question "are you really as stupid as you sound", it beggars belief that you can form an opinion and call someone stupid even though you have never met them.  The word stupid in fact displays your downright bad manners, arrogance and hard heartedness to the abused victims and its responsibility for not reporting it.
I would like you to go and reflect on your comment "Why on earth would the Vatican sell off anything to pay compensation when it is not responsible?" and welcome you to a more pluralist, open all-inclusive Society which thankfully Ireland is becoming.

God Bless

Deputy Tom Barry

I was going to continue ranting about the failures of the State and how we've all had to pay, whether we like it or not - no question of "let's make The Government pay, not the taxpayer" - but I read this guy's article and he's said it all at The Irish Central - check it out.