Wednesday, 29 February 2012

First faller in the Treaty Hurdles

So Éamon Ó Cuiv is the first casualty in the referendum campaign for the Fiscal Union Compact Treaty (FUCT).

I was watching Vincent Browne last night and thinking “why on earth are Fianna Fail sticking their neck out on this treaty?” There is nothing in this for them politically. If it gets through Kenny gets the benefit. If it falls FF are losers again. And yet there was the FF spokesman defending it while FG failed to provide a spokesman. And now they’ve split the party.

Eamon O Cuiv represented the last hope for many old time Fianna Failers – socially conservative, nervous about Brussels encroachments. Michael Martin was foolish to come out so strongly in support of this treaty.  He should have waited until the party had time to take a view;  he should have looked at the other related issues around write-offs.  And he should have thought about the politics of things instead of runnning headlong into supporting the Government.

Herr Kenny in Rome

Just back from visiting my brother in Australia.  I have to say it was bloody brilliant.  I read no newspapers and did my best to forget about Ireland and our awful government.

So I've been catching up with the latest embarrassments.  I see Herr Kenny has been on his first visit to Rome.  And for the first time - I'm pretty sure ever - a Taoiseach on his first visit to Rome failed to seek an audience with the Holy Father.

Reminiscent of another world leader visiting Rome who failed to get an audience with the Pope.

I sent the following email to the Department of An Taoiseach:

Can I ask, concerning the Taoiseach's visit to Rome:

Why the Taoiseach isn't meeting the Pope?

Was any attempt made to arrange such an audience?

Was any contact made with officials at the Vatican to request an audience?

Was the matter considered at all by the Taoiseach and his officials?

Is this one more indicator of the decline in relations between Ireland and the Holy See?

I think it's unheard of for a Taoiseach on his first visit to Rome not to have an audience with the Pope.

Brendan Doyle,

And guess what?  No answer, no acknowledgment.  Probably too busy writing Thank You letters to the Chinese.